Protesters cut off the road leading to oil depots in eastern Baghdad to demand services

BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) Hundreds of residents of areas in the eastern outskirts of Baghdad, on Wednesday, to demand the provision of services, in the neighborhood of the local council called for laboratories to send officials to negotiate with the demonstrators who blocked the road leading to the Rusafa oil depots in order to draw the attention of the government to their demands.

He said the local council neighborhood labs member Kazem al-Mahmoudi said that "hundreds of people Ahaaourh, happiness and dignity, east of Baghdad areas came out this morning, a demonstration spontaneous as the rest of the demonstrations in the rest of Iraq to demand better services," noting that "those areas where services are not available, it is located on the the administrative border between the provinces of Baghdad and Diyala. "

He said al-Mahmoudi, that "these areas belonging to the Diyala geographically and administratively Baghdad," noting that "the demonstrators cut off the road leading to the oil depots Rusafa, threatening to cause a severe crisis, in case of failure to respond to their demands."

Mahmudi called on the government to "send officials to negotiate with the protesters and handed their demands," explaining that "the most prominent demands are the provision of water, and the electricity they become above the level of officials."

The Baghdad and several provinces have seen massive demonstrations in protest against the "corruption" and poor services and demand better electricity to coincide with the high temperatures to record levels/