Sadr issued instructions to the demonstrators demanding their legitimate rights

BAGHDAD - scales News -
Issued a cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, some instructions and general guidance of the demonstrators demanding their legitimate rights, and called on them to as non-aggression on public and private property, asked them not to raise any pictures of any religious or political figure and not wear military uniforms.

Sadr said in a statement received / scales News / copy of which included instructions to the demonstrators "secularists and Islamists" eliminate "not to attacks on public and private property, and non-infringement cheers on one," adding that "this will be a springboard for the corrupt to reach their goals menial."

He called al-Sadr demonstrators to "determine the demands matters service and punish corrupt people in general and not to politicize the demands, this is what awaits a lot of bodies to sabotage Iraq," noting that "demand the resignation of some ministers and other means not return services and preoccupation with finding alternative, a conflict between the blocs prolonged duration and lasts substitute and thus the loss of your rights. "

He stressed the need to "non-infringement of security agencies that advocate for the demonstration and the protesters, and not to raise any pictures to any political or religious figure, current or historical," pointing out that "the demands must be in accordance with the law and national legal and social rules in force."

Sadr called on to "no negative impact on the jihad and the mujahedeen in surveys jihad against the terrorist enemy, and not to wear uniforms in any way", stressing the need for "the continuation of the demonstrations until the service access to the desired goal."

He noted the chest to the importance of "effective coordination among the demonstrators provinces valued in order to preserve the demonstrations prestige and power, and do not emphasize the demonstrations in the districts and areas because it weakens," and urged to "entrust spoilers command and hold them accountable to the President of the current government and in turn must consult actively with its partners."

He said the leader of the Sadrist movement, that "if some want to make it fail Fargo obliged not to clash popular folk This is the demand of the corrupt," pointing to the importance of "lack of field to give the partisan and those with political demands together in Tzhardkm this courage, but was weakening them." ended 29/4 H