Are the Iraqi people demonstrations will turn into an armed uprising against government corruption

Baghdad fell militarily and we did not realize that we have entered Alsaqton believe that opponents want to change for the better? But the reality proved they Baidoa Saddam sheets black low through its behavior, which smelt and spread as if for granted self-evident and when we want to half, we can almost be Nqaye Mafi our gut limit fatigue because they did not tarred as vilified, but they were the worst par excellence that the political process produced Walid distorted ugly is not Iraqi and nationally he was a bastard of distorted ideas are not Islamic and inhuman or irrelevant to human morality has divided the failed state parties to the cake to their parties and women on their palaces and started killing each disagreed or tolerate opposition for fear of the composition of the opposition mentality them Fshardoa are free Iraq and killed intellectuals, journalists Liberal and replaced them Pennekrat and Sfielh nation and Hmazha and untouchable and bought satellite channels and media organizations to polish their images unsightly and themselves sick and raised slogans religion and reference religious events in order to give legitimacy to their parties and their followers horns Alsae and market who fought national and honorable Iraqi people meditated good and silent as the reference played a major role in supporting the unsuccessful parties, which were not well known but they are Shiites, Islamists and they are linked by reference as placebo

Statistics reference and that do not know a thing of the parties or policy they Islamist limit Mathbt they do not Islamists, not even human beings are aware of the most basic concept of humanitarian or national They just structures empty and the names of the empty that the repudiation of the guideline principles practiced by the parties for a long time and did not they only Ajaio empty envious hateful to a particular situation and do not have a reformist political program or ideas to rebuild Iraq. On the contrary made ​​Iraq the consumer more than 90% did not sow did not make and did not develop and did not live up healthy, economically and scientifically They epidemic resolve the country that God, the Almighty lured those parties to fall in the divine cunning theory (and plots and plotted God and God is the best of planners)

that the people understand that the parties their governments did not achieve anything, especially after the occupation of large parts of Iraq by organizing Daash terrorist as the people realized that the government failed Bahzabha in protecting the Iraqi people and its territory, dignity and in front of these tribulations and order People Aiga prey more to scam large has dereliction him up by the rulers as al-Maliki accused the year they betrayed Iraq or Shiites as rebels and the government reportedly began to climb in order to accuse the citizens of all the vices they have made ​​and actually started the government of throwing the ball in the basket of the people fully and avoid responsibility all the chutzpah ? Did not remain for the people, but to defend itself and carry a lot of suffering that seemed to lead the battle and provides blood, an unemployed poor homeless patient backward scientifically and see the injustice and tyranny of the parties Dinao failing which country the name of God and bookmark doctrine and fabrications Maanzl God the control of the Sultan as the malignant souls and Almtekrh parties failed and Sharjah began bursting on the surface through their interests in the theft of the country and began operations

determine how wide between the parties that seek to steal from public rights and public money and so I turned decent people that the important issue was exposed in front of him, which is that parties after 2003 all parties fragile to extend my and Atakhr they a low gangs not have any elements of political action and build strong civil state as they have for 13 years been unable deficit miserably to provide the most basic necessities of life and the most important of which is water, electricity, education, health, and international and regional relations and the national shipping started to move in the right direction and crystallized the idea of change as it was the role of the national and free media channel Baghdadi and colleague Karim Professor Anwar Alhamadna creative in his ninth

Astodioa has played an important role in bringing the truth to the people all the daring courage and so today we heard one Alkhairan frightened about a significant amount of millions of dollars to fellow al-Hamdani in bribes last Verwdha people decided to confrontation himself of the blocks and corrupt parties barbaric backward and passed Patience beautiful big scourge to degrades trip surveys of change has been well aware that the fighting with Daash only is in the interests of corrupt because they stay behind them corrupt and steal and blood bleeding day and night to serve the customers and their children and their relatives who swallowed State Schroha them only undisputed pockets the dirty parties may resort to withdraw from the the battlefield and allow Daash to enter the cities to Ieithoa flattened havoc to hold people responsible for the objection, but the risk is up to them to understand hesitant and not far to hand over the blocs and parties cities new to spite the people who wants to exclude them they're dirty octopus who holds all the joints of

corruption tens of hands that religious blocs to follow sons references have learned to a new life is not easy abandoned this leader and that the descendant of the reference bar and that Party martyrs and this resistance stream and a lot of denominated and exploitation of religion, addresses, but actively men and the insistence of the people and reconcile Bari and kindness Iraq out demonstrations of courage and noble to say both of injustice both to corruption as if they want to change Indeed, the corrupt and the political process as a whole and I am confident that Iraq will turn into a secular state have left religion and doctrines aside a health because we did not save me, but destruction and bloodshed is natural to face charges of all the movements for change so first suppressed and deformation then win to prove their ability and merit with distinction on the ruins of the process of political that have not only corrupt reap the fruit through the looting of explosive budget for the rings narrow,

family as demonstrations began now to curb intercourse playboys public money and blood and who would undermine the national security of Iraq through the spread of epidemics, corruption, bribery, theft and murder to the interests of sectarian dirty and will remain the people Bthoarh and Nzepehrth alive crush tyranny of the corrupt, customers, and I also think that the government the current completely unable to respond to public demands and meet the most basic rights of making demonstrations turn into a sit-ins and then to armed clashes and fall flimsy parties and Sever leaders Doaash money and stocks and real estate to their home countries, which produced cheap thoughts will start rebels treatment of the Iraqi body sick and victory for the people and defeat and abandonment for those who have sold their land and display of foreign Also, the popular crowd will stand with full respect and support of the Iraqi people against the corrupt and failed blocs and parties currents Almtalpsh religion.