Parliamentary Economy: Investment Law amendment will bring local and foreign capital

08/05/2015 15:24 GMT

Follow-up - and babysit - The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary, Wednesday, that the amendment of the Investment Law was introduced, which is expected to vote soon in the House of Representatives will meet the requirements of the five vital for attractive capital.

Committee Chairman Jawad al-Bolani told a joint news conference with members of the parliamentary committee and heads of agencies and departments to invest in ministries, "we held a workshop and meeting miniature regard to approving the second amendment to the investment law and amendments to other after he fulfilled the mission phases through ongoing deliberations and hearings to accommodate all of the proposals and observations about destinations consider the private and public sectors and mixed ".

He said the "law includes amendments and observations relevant institutions which came due to the presence of important ministries, which are mainly important partner in the economic transformations and payment law to find a favorable ground for the application."

He noted that "the meeting sought to find a common operational and implementation mechanisms for the normalization and vote on the law later after the completion of readings and included Alan wait to vote after taking the final observations of the ministries."

"The investment law meets the requirements of the 5 vital, especially after the last amendment of which land ownership and conflict resolution on them, and find appropriate mechanisms to encourage and support the single window that will facilitate law enforcement measures, and funding and the allocation of the necessary funds to encourage investments."

He warned that "reliance on oil exports as a resource head of the public budget is a real threat to the Iraqi economy is necessary to find ways supportive of the economy and the diversification of resources in various fields and the development of agriculture, industry and tourism sectors."