Alhbabi: America did not give the green light to the provincial government to secede from the center

Date: 08/06/2015 15:53

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Ezzat National Alliance MP Nahla Alhbabi, Thursday, the lack of serious action for the Kurdistan Regional Government to secede from the center and the formation of a Kurdish state not to the approval of the United States on it, indicating that the dream of separation shocked by obstacles many of its territory.

He Alhbabi in a statement Agency / information /, "The Kurdistan Regional Government has become a puppet of the United States obeys Bawamrha and end what is forbidden for the unimaginable that the government of Washington will help in the formation of an independent Kurdish entity in the region and Iraq in particular."

She added that "the United States allied with the Kurdish government to Mnfha and achieve US gains on the political and physical level, and will not overcome the recent interest on their own interests, "indicating that" the ambition Barzani to declare a Kurdish state has not received the green light from Washington so far, so we see wait Kurdish constant in this project and exploitation of the threat status only. "

She Alhbabi "The draft of separation and the dream of a Kurdish state in Iraq shocked by obstacles other Turkish and Iranian territory Kalmmanah on this project." It ended 25 K