Just like the rest of Mahafezat..ag between the center and the region on the implementation of the customs tariff

Since 08/05/2015 20:23 pm (Baghdad time)

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MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Ribawar Taha Mustafa, Wednesday, about the existence of an agreement between the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari with the Kurdistan Regional Government on the commitment of the region in the implementation of the customs tariff law through the border crossing points.

Mustafa said L / scales News / that "Zebari agreed with the provincial government for the implementation of the customs tariff on goods that pass through the Kurdistan border ports, similar to the rest of the other provinces in order to avoid the occurrence of other problems between Baghdad and Erbil on the implementation of the law law."

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP that "the provincial government has shown its willingness to abide by the implementation of the law in the next few days after he completed the legal procedures," stressing that "the agreement was between Zebari and Kurdish officials just days before the launch of the customs tariff law."

This "asked the parliamentary Finance Committee Chairman Ahmed Chalabi, Wednesday, about the reasons for non-implementation of the decision to impose customs tariff in the Kurdistan region, despite it covers all border crossing points."

And got / scales News / two documents, Chalabi published on their profile in the social / Facebook / networking site revealed that the "decision to impose customs tariffs has not been implemented in Kurdistan and the resolution stipulates covers all border crossings, without exception."

Chalabi and expressed surprise at the "exception Jordanian goods from customs tariffs and thus be Trebil also does not apply the new customs tariff."

According to the documents, the center and south of the sons they just pay this price, ".anthy / 29 / d 24