Shawki: phone companies will commit to bear the taxes away from the citizen

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - a member of the parliamentary legal committee Salim Chawki said that the House would be required mobile phone companies to bear the tax implications of the value away from the citizen.

The mobile phone companies have imposed an increase of 20% of the value of Kartat prepayment networks Asiacell and Korek and Zain.

He explained Shawki's (IMN) that "the Council will have a coordination with the government to compel mobile phone companies to bear the tax implications of the work of their networks in Iraq away from the citizen."

The parliamentary Finance Committee member Haitham al-Jubouri earlier, the need to provide services to the citizen before the imposition of the financial taxes.
Shawki He added that "the government should provide a field service for citizens and enlist the expertise in various disciplines and taxes imposed on the owners of companies, capital and not the citizens."

And it criticized the Finance Committees, services and reconstruction Alniabaten mobile phone companies to impose taxes on the cost of the purchase of mobile phones to mobilize cards, and promised him a violation of the budget law of 2015, which provided for the imposition of sales tax on the purchase and not packing tax cards.