Bablon Gov:3 Ministries complete 40% transfer of powers 8/6
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Thread: Bablon Gov:3 Ministries complete 40% transfer of powers 8/6

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    Bablon Gov:3 Ministries complete 40% transfer of powers 8/6

    Governor of Babylon: three ministries completed the transfer of 40 percent of its powers to maintain

    Babylon / ... celebrated Babil province, Thursday, the transfer of powers from the ministries to the local government.

    The governor of Babylon honest meaning Royal in the word celebration, which was held under the slogan (administrative decentralization best to provide services to citizens the way) and I attended the "eye of Iraq News," that three ministries had completed 40% of the transfer of powers to the local government, are education, health and municipalities, while you need five other ministries to three months to move them. "

    He added: "The money for the ministries will remain in her hand, as was approved in 2015 by the parliament, and that the changes in the budget and transfer of funds will be over the next year in 2016", adding that the big responsibility and you need the support and cooperation of everyone for the success of this experiment.

    He warned MP Babylon Haitham al-Jubouri, the attempts by some to derail this experience, noting: "The failure of this experiment could lead to division."

    Jubouri and asked local government to exercise justice in the distribution of projects and services within the province. He also called for justice in the distribution of tasks between the deputies and assistants Mahafez.anthy 1
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