Basra ports revenue decline and the closure of Shalamcheh port after the application of the customs tariff

08/06/2015 (00:01 pm)

Basra / long-Presse

A commission of border crossings in the House of Basra on Wednesday, a decline of Basra ports revenues after the application of the customs tariff, and confirmed that the Shalamcheh port was closed after traders refusing to use, called upon to study law again.

The Chairman of the Committee of border crossings in the Council Morteza lipodeca in Speaking to the "long-Presse", that "Basra ports revenues began to decline significantly," noting that "Shalamcheh port has been closed since the first of the father of the reluctance of traders with him because of the application of the customs tariff".

lipodeca added that "the Safwan border port revenue was on the last day of July is one billion and 52 million dinars, "noting that" income now is 43 million dinars in four days. "

He pointed lipodeca that "the Safwan border port revenue was on the last day of the month of July is one billion and 52 million dinars. Now, its revenue 43 million dinars for a period of four days, "pointing out that" the port of Umm Qasr North Van reflected in the last day of July is two billion and 380 million dinars, while revenues dropped significantly since the first of August. "

He called lipodeca to "study the law and knowledge of effects on the economy National ".

Dozens of merchants, protested yesterday, in front of the port Safwan border province of Basra to protest the application of customs tariff, as called for implementation of resolution on all ports or canceled, threatened to close the port in the event of non-implementation of their demands.

The Association of Customs, announced Monday (3 August 2015), start applying the tariff law on goods entering Iraq, indicating that it agreed with the Kurdistan region on the application of the law and the unification of Alkmarki work, while economic Parliamentary Committee promised that the law is an important step to re-strengthen the joints of the state and the protection of national product, economic advisor to the Prime Minister promised, that the non-application of any border port violates the national customs sovereignty.

decided the Ministry of Finance in March 2015, start implementing the customs end of June tariff after for the common past in 2014, more than once because of the demand by some countries and traders to activate the new tariff law after it was canceled the old law Theme by civil governor of Iraq after 2003, Paul Bremer, who is serving a five percent pay taxes on all goods imported from outside the country.