Issawi: the transfer of powers to the consolidation of the democratic system and overcome the administrative complexities

05/08/2015 19:21

the National Alliance MP Abboud al-Issawi said on Wednesday that the transfer of powers is to entrench the democratic system and a violation of administrative complications.

He said al-Issawi told all of Iraq [where] that "pre-judgment on the transfer of powers process is incorrect and may not be judged by the knowledge of its consequences," noting that he "should be evaluated experience within certain rates and the lack of success in a particular province, it is worth knowing the obstacles that have prevented its success." .

"The transfer of powers from the ministries to the provinces represents a quantum leap for the consolidation of the democratic system and the abuse of the routine administrative and complexities," explaining that "to the provinces sufficient powers in the service file management because it is closer to the citizen."

Issawi said that "Iraq is suffering from significant administrative problem, the he said, and the transfer of powers to the provinces represents a solution to part of these problems as well as contribute to ease the pressure off the ministries. "

It is said that 15 provinces have agreed on the sixth of August now considered [Thursday] occasion to celebrate the transfer of powers, as a starting point for a new era of decentralization administrative stipulated by the Iraqi constitution, as local governments and decided to resort to the judiciary when a slowdown or delay or relevant ministries for transport Asalahiat.anthy 2 abstention