Dawa Party warns of "riding the wave of demonstrations" to be deflected from its goal reformist

05/08/2015 17:57

[Baghdad - where]
the Islamic Dawa Party, warned on Wednesday, the existence of political parties want to ride the wave of demonstrations of crafts its goal of reform and the direction by, among other things does not produce only chaos, declaring his support for each event are in accordance with legal procedures, and demanding better services.

The party said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, he was "in favor of each event are in accordance with legal procedures and demanding better services," warning of the existence of political parties are trying to "ride the wave" demonstrations to confuse the domestic front, in the time that we address it to the fiercest enemy wants to kill Iraq and its people. "

"We have supported the former government actions in previous resolutions that seek to bridge the gap between citizens with limited income and other officials time and we support the Prime Minister action on the programmed cutting of electricity for officials of the houses."

He called on the party political blocs to "support the government in its actions reform to monitor the internal front in the face of terrorist organizations to Daash and the remnants of the Baath buried."

He praised the "handle our security forces with these peaceful demonstrations to be another bright page along with victories next to the volunteers of the sons of the popular crowd and tribesmen valued in the fields of fighting against Daash terrorist gangs. "

He warned citizens of "infiltrators and terrorists who are trying to exploit the feelings of their trades for the civilized face of their careers." End