Dawa party: secular and Islamists trying to topple successive governments failed to hold them

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - August 5, August: Commenting on out massive demonstrations and for the fifth consecutive day in the capital Baghdad and the provinces of the Middle Euphrates and south to demand the provision of electricity and improve the situation of services, said the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, on the Keywords, Wednesday, "The Iraqi government made up from the leftist and secular, Islamic and other trends, but some authorities are trying to overthrow the secular Islamists and their experience of reform and to hold them all failures that took place in the previous stages, "he said.

He went deputy in the Iraqi parliament by saying, "The demonstrators demanded their legitimate rights and the Prime Minister did not look at them with suspicion, but Amtdham and has a number of reform steps," but he also said only that "there are some quarters began to ride the wave of protests to weaken the current government."

He went on: "It there is an international and regional will keep Iraq on the situation and not to the development of the situation of services which in the choice of ministers and agents who led the Ministry of Electricity was not successful and contracts entered into on the basis of commission," accusing "secular views unnamed to ride the wave." Ended O.h