Tariffs cause heavy loss state revenue & port Shalamjah paralysis8/5
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Thread: Tariffs cause heavy loss state revenue & port Shalamjah paralysis8/5

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    Tariffs cause heavy loss state revenue & port Shalamjah paralysis8/5

    Lipodeca for Mrbd: the application of the tariff cause heavy losses in state revenues, and paralysis of the port Shalamjah
    Wednesday 5 August 2015 - 14:05

    The chairman of the Committee on the border crossing points in the Basra Governorate Council, Morteza lipodeca, for causing application of the new law of customs tariff, heavy losses of the Iraqi state and a dramatic decline in revenue.

    He explained lipodeca in a statement singled out by the Radio Marbad that the total port Safwan border revenues for Thursday and Friday before the application of the new tariff law amounted to two billion and 243 000 082 thousand Iraqi dinars, while revenue level dropped to 23.197 million dinars since the application of the law in the first of August current and approved of it until the fourth day on Tuesday.

    Lipodeca also pointed out that Shalamcheh border port not seen the entry of any revenue and has become a semi-closed after the application of customs tariffs and the reluctance of traders to import their goods from the Republic of Iran, after it was revenue last Thursday's 82.327 million Iraqi dinars, in addition to the $ 10 thousand.

    He lipodeca that the negative impact of the application of the customs tariff system not only at this point but would deprive the province of Basra from the assignment of any new projects for implementation as well as the lack of completion of ongoing projects due to higher prices of construction materials the fact that statements made by the beneficiary constituencies of the establishment of such projects was the prices and numbers certain because of the new tariff those prices rose, which led to the reluctance of traders and contractors for import and work in Basra and their direction to the Kurdistan region, which indicate certain information not to apply the law of the new customs tariff in transmittance although claim the local government of Basra, the federal government apply that law in all outlets the country without exception.

    He called lipodeca members of parliament from the province of Basra to seek to change that resolution and the amendment of Article 33 in the 2015 budget, pointing out that the federal government take the computational and administrative solutions to save money and follow the methods and other ways to meet the non-application of the customs tariff of the controversial system of fiscal deficit.

    The Chairman of the Committee of border crossings in the House of Basra to the council session usual Wednesday will be devoted to discuss the demands of the demonstrators in general and the decision of the customs tariff, in particular, noting that the Council of Basra will renew his rejection of the application of the new tariff law in the province that has not been implemented in the Kurdistan region and would seek to prevent staff border ports of dealing according to the new tariff only after the exception of food and construction of law

    The Cabinet has decided on 2 June last meet tariff in all border crossing points as well as the tax effect from August 2015.

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