Video of maritime transport in Basra is preparing to compete with international carriers

Shipping company expressed willingness to compete with the world's marine tanker companies for goods through ports, particularly with regard to the transfer of the next ration card items for the account of the Ministry of Commerce .

Karim Knhl, director of the shipping company said: "Can we provide services to transfer the ration card Wi goods to Iraqi ministries TGI ministries other and as a result claimed compete with the world's marine companies through subsidized fuel Atkdmh us the oil ministry and not to wait for steamboats who offer ports us and thus generate money to Shipping First and Second teams with money. "

Economists and local officials stressed the need to support the maritime sector as an important tributary of the tributaries of the Iraqi economy.

She morning Albzona, Chairman of the Board of Basra : "There must be help and help from all the other sectors in the process of revival of the sector and the company have financial returns on the level of Iraq and Basra to be distinguished naval carrier of Iraq."

Said Sabih al-Hashemi, head of the Union of Entrepreneurs: "shipping company have a positive impact on the economic reality as well as its economic and maritime relations and on local and central government to take care of shipping company because it is a tributary of the support the economy."

The shipping company owns four vessels subject to the terms of the International Maritime Organization, in light of this pursuit of international companies to cooperate with Iraq through co-operation projects.