Iraq prepares a plan to return its refugees abroad
Wednesday, 05 August 2015 14:02

Shafaq News / The senior deputy of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration , Asghar al-Moussawi confirmed the ministry's intention to work on the return of Iraqi refugees

from the Diaspora mechanism, especially those belonging to the safe areas in the country and encourage them to return voluntarily.

He said during meeting with Lyndall Sachs, Ambassador of Australia to Iraq at the ministry headquarters in Baghdad that "the ministry has educational and awareness programs for the community on the dangers of illegal immigration faced by refugee through the media and delivering it to Iraqi society to curb illegal immigration, as well as work to develop appropriate mechanics to convince Iraqi immigrants especially from the provinces of south of Iraq, which are considered safe areas for their return to Iraq voluntarily. "

About the displaced people inside Iraq , al-Moussawi said "the work of the ministry is providing the necessary services for displaced families as well as the relief operation , housing for them in all provinces in the country, as the ministry has worked on the delivery of essential aid to all displaced families in all provinces, districts and areas despite the presence of obstacles and problems encountered in the work of the ministry, including lack of financial allocations and the continued displacement due to military operations and the large numbers of displaced families and their dispersion across the province and district as well as the lack of staff from the ministry. "

He pointed out that the Relief process of the displaced families is not limited to the ministry but need only to mobilize all relevant ministries , service sectors and the popular effort to provide the necessary services to take the role of each ministry in this file

For her part, Sachs expressed her government's determination to work time together with the ministry to resolve all the problems faced by Iraqi refugees whether in the Diaspora countries or displaced in Iraq.