Zain Iraq: tax Kartat shipping will not benefit from them and our role is limited to the supply and collects revenue for the financial

August 5, 2015 11:19

(Independent) .. Zain Iraq confirmed that the tax Kartat shipping will not be included in the calculations thing will not benefit from this tax, indicating that on the contrary, will affect its sales and revenues, saying that our role is limited only in the collection and supply of tax return to the Ministry of Finance through the General Authority for taxes.

According to a statement of Zain Iraq and received (Independent) said Wednesday it confirms "that the Iraqi government's decision to impose sales tax and 20% on Kartat Shipping mobile phone over and above those Rtat prices and all categories binding on her," indicating that "the Iraqi government, which approved the law after approval Iraq's parliament has embarked upon the application of the said tax law, starting from 1 August 2015, according to the Council of Ministers of the month of May last decision. "

The company said that "Article 33 of the general budget of the Federal Law No. 2 of 2015, which acknowledged at the end of January this year and instructed the Executive No. 5 issued on 05.04.2015 stipulates that the imposition of sales tax on Kartat mobilize the mobile phone for all payment lines Pre-and post-paid bills as well as Internet services by 20%. "

The company confirmed "as a result of the application of this law will not enter into its accounts something will not benefit from this tax imposed but on the contrary will affect their sales and revenues", adding that "our role is limited only in the collection and supply of tax return to the Finance Ministry by the General Authority Tax ".

The company added that "the new instructions number 5 in Article 3 (i)" that is in charge of (mobile phone companies) to add the tax amount to the price of mobile phone service and the Internet paid in advance or later and show it to the consumer, "he is paid" amount of tax "According to paragraph (ii)" Every three months, accompanied by a certified competent accountant report shows activity in accordance with the model prepared by the General Authority for taxes for this purpose. "

She explained that it "Our company had been instructed the Ministry of Finance No. 5 of 2015 for the application of the provisions of this paragraph of the law in the whole of Iraq," asserting We "as take into account the provisions of the law office by the Iraqi government after approval by Parliament, we look respectfully to the conviction of subscribers and work for their service in accordance with the highest international standards. "

She had announced that mobile phone companies last Friday start to impose 20% as "sales tax" on cards and electronic packaging for mobile phone companies, as pointed out that the imposition of Aldharbah comes in implementation of the decision of the Ministry of Finance.

The mobile phone companies in the short messages (SMS) sent to its subscribers that "according to the Ministerial Order issued by the Ministry of Finance / General Authority for taxes for all mobile operators, will be from tomorrow the first Saturday of the month of August 2015 the collection and transfer of sales tax and the $ 20 % of the nominal value are installed on the scratch cards and electronic tired for prepaid service and monthly bills for payment on credit sales tax service users. "

Denied CMC relationship with the imposition of tax on shipping phone card mobile executions, said a member of the Board of Trustees in the body Khalil pilot that "the procedure to impose income tax on shipping cards is to hold the government strictly," noting that "this tax is not just the scratch cards are governed, but on all other economic goods. "

The pilot added that "special committees of the Ministry of Finance held several meetings and meetings with the three mobile phone companies operating in Iraq (Asia torrent, Zain, Cork) and place the steps, according to the blogger within the budget year 2015 and private taxation," adding that "these meetings and meetings out Are the views of several of which are deducted from the share of this citizen, for example, when a citizen pays 10 thousand from shipping label to become 12 thousand and two thousand Tjba of it, or reduce the number of minutes and be at the same price bracket itself and these differences are calculated for the state. " (End)