Clashes between demonstrators and police in Sulaymaniyah
Wednesday, 05 August 2015 14:47

Shafaq News / Dozens have demonstrated in Molawi Main Street in Sulaymaniyah city in Kurdistan region on Wednesday, and showered police with stones

led to the occurrence of injuries in the ranks of some of them.

According to Shafaq News reporter in Sulaymaniyah, most shop owners in Molawi Main Commercial Street in Sulaymaniyah city closed their shops since this morning they and were joined by workers and wage earners in a demonstration led to the closure of the street.

Since about a week , several cities in to Kurdistan region have protested due to electricity black outs and frequent stop of drinking water supply.

He added that things developed into clashes between the demonstrators who threw stones at police (civil activities Forces) who used electric batons to disperse the demonstrators.

He said that things got more complicated when police officers shut down the street as things are still out of control in the main street of the city.