Three presidencies calls for reform of all state institutions and opening up to the people

Meeting the three presidencies on Tuesday (August 4, 2015)

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08/05/2015 12:14

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Invited the three presidencies to repair all the state institutions and to take urgent measures and decisions to ensure that serve the country, as has confirmed that ensure security, stability and the rule of law and the protection of the democratic system, the foundation is solid and the secretary, who should be the starting point for all of it to meet the legitimate demands of the Libyan.

According to the Presidency in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "the three powers met, evening Tuesday 4 August 2015, the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, and the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud, the Vice-President of the Republic Nuri al-Maliki and Iyad Allawi and Osama Najafi and Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, Saleh al-Mutlaq, and Vice President of the House of Representatives Hamoudi. "

He said the statement of the Presidency of the Republic that "the meeting, which was devoted to discuss the concerns of the immediate citizens the importance of making the doors of the three authorities wide open to receive and accept the demands and proposals of citizens in this regard," stressing that "the meeting stressed the need to take urgent measures and decisions to ensure initiate real and fast and efficient processors serving the country and promote freedom, justice and provide opportunities for a decent human life all Iraqis.

The statement said that "the meeting stressed the reform of all institutions and state agencies and the popular momentum now gives more confidence and strength to take bold and decisive decisions in this direction in the fight against corruption and to address sagging some government facilities and other shortcomings."

The statement noted that "the meeting acknowledged that security and stability, ensure the rule of law and the protection of the democratic system, are together basically steel and secretary who should everyone from the start to meet the Libyan legitimate demands in the security and service sides especially without neglecting the country at the height of the war against terrorism which targets the destruction of life all Iraqis.

He said the statement of the Presidency of the Republic that "the meeting called for the promotion of open dialogue, understanding and openness between the people and institutions of the state that it continue to ensure that the interests of citizens, including daily on services and activating the role of receiving complaints from the public institutions, as well as to emphasize that the task of the state to work to meet the needs of real-time people solve their problems and to consider the demands of citizens, young people and the positive and rapid deal with it. "