Kartat shipping and sales tax!

Author: Yasser incumbent

08/05/2015 0:00

Recently it began the process of implementing the government's decision to deduct the sales tax on shipping Kartat used where the decision was carried out three days before the entry into force of some weak souls of agents selling Rtat before.

But it is very important to answer the question citizens "consumers" who bears the cost of sales?

The need require a legal interpretation of the sales tax and the borne by all transparency, with the exception that they noticed the actions and behavior of some of the weak people selling at different prices, some of them sold for 14 000 dinars for Kart Abu ten and some of them sold for 12500 and others to 12 000 dinars.

Prices chaos caused by the failure of the authorities concerned to clarify the mechanism by sales period to maintain the fixed prices are always, Maady to exploit some of this situation.

I go back to how do we explain the most important sales tax decision?

This means that the tax on companies located "Seller" consumer "buyer" This is the part of the other hand what occurred in the service provided by the companies so that taxpayers against which not?

Let's simplify things in research into the effects of this tax on the citizen "consumer" family number "6" members of members of the rate, we assume that the need of the individual card charging the highest daily meaning that estimate needs to be "30" Carta a month multiplied by the "6" and then in "2000 "equal to" 63 "thousand dinars per month, Mapalk with stratification, which is when the poor Central vast majority class compared to the total population of" 39 "million? dinars

Is it logical to assume the consumer cost the extra in light of the financial situation, which threatens to cut salaries made ​​an emergency landing, and whether that the profits of a few companies to bear the consumer sales tax? The solution in not allowing a legal loophole could lead to a new loophole corruption Aotvsr so.

Then ensures the arrival of these revenues to the Treasury?

The sense is there transparency in the quantity and sales volume of Kartat shipping to be able to the beneficiary "Treasury" calculated amounts sales tax, is required to clarify the calculation mechanism, and to the contrary, the calculation manual or sales hypothetical numbers and approximate concerned doubts in corruption odors estimate stressing therefore has to be revealed mechanisms used even if it decides to reconsider carrying seller Company for sales tax, I mean which is required so they can be adjusted revenue.

If there was a legal error carrying citizen of this liability it can be processed in real time to bear the tax equally between the seller and the consumer while adjusting the legal loophole that found in the budget law actually.