Babylon demanding the release of the remaining 10% of its budget to pay dues projects

Babylon Deputy governor of Babylon Hasan napkin, Monday, that the province did not receive 10% of the budget and they only live a giant financial crisis, as the government demanded regardless of the remaining entitlements for the purpose of implementation of projects and services. He said in an interview with a handkerchief Alsumaria News , "The province of Babylon live giant financial crisis," explaining that "the province has not received since the beginning of this year from the budget allocated to the province only 10%." He asked "Where is the rest of the dues to maintain napkin to things going according to economic fundamentals and planned by the province while experiencing the reconstruction and implementation of projects her dues campaign?" And urged the federal government to "release the other 10% exchange for the purpose of implementation of part of the projects and services to citizens that the province The cleaning work and the potential of simple processors, not the level of ambition ".
The first deputy governor of Babylon and Sam Aslan student, in (June 30, 2015), the Council of Ministers of the need to expedite the issuance of instructions for the implementation of plans and projects on credit, noting that the needs of citizens from services and embarrassments financial obligations of the projects under implementation has made the local government in the development of "unenviable" .

The government of the province of Babylon, announced in the (May 26, 2015), stop for a project in 1470 to work in the province because of the financial funding interruption, appealing to the federal government to find solutions about it.