UNICEF emphasizes the preparation of its plan for the next four years according to the priorities set by the Iraqi government

[Baghdad - where]
The Regional Director of the United Nations Children's Fund in the Middle East and North Africa Peter Salama, during a meeting with Minister of Planning and Salman al-Jumaili, that the stomach organization plan for the next four years will focus on the priorities set by the Iraqi government, under the circumstances experienced by the country. A statement by the Ministry of Planning, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "Jumaili search with integrity and his accompanying delegation the priorities of the Iraqi government with regard to by children in Iraq, and the need for these priorities included in the UNICEF plan for the next four years." And across the WHO Regional Director for Peter Salama, according to the statement, expressed his thanks and deep appreciation to the Ministry of Planning and the Iraqi government on "pleading the support and assistance of the Organization and enable them to implement programs throughout the country," adding that "the organization carried out during the past two years, many of the tasks and projects in the fields of education and health and nutrition and to protect children entrusted amounted to more than $ 200 million. "
He said the safety of the "Organization reached the final stages in the preparation of its plan for the next four years which will focus on the priorities set by the Iraqi government under the conditions experienced by the country at the moment," explaining that "the plan will also include a focus on education program in peace with a view to the children of Iraq to enable and to help them continue their education. "
The statement said the minister Jumaili that "Iraq today faces challenges two main security challenge of the war against terrorism, and the war of the many problems is the increasing number of displaced people and the destruction of infrastructure in areas of military operations failure, the economic challenge and presented his country as a result of lower prices for What is the effect of oil negatively on the development actually about a year. "
He added that "more social groups at risk as a result of the situation is stable, whether security or economic are the children because they are the most vulnerable segment of society," calling on UNICEF to "the need to have a bigger role in the process of assisting and supporting Iraqi children, particularly in the areas of improving the level of education and health and food ".
Jumaili and pointed out that "the current circumstances through which Iraq has produced children suffer from a lot of problems and these problems represent new challenges are added to the security and economic challenges," pointing out that "this is required from international organizations, including UNICEF, more attention and focus on this segment of the through the allocation of funds and implementation of rehabilitation programs to address and accommodate the children of the victims of terrorism and acts of war. "
He said the "Iraqi government is working in the current conditions on the establishment of security and economic reform, by increasing the amount of oil exported and economic reforms that would alleviate the burden on the state budget and open the door to other sectors of development, as well as encouraging the private sector and increase the volume of investments in the country By working to adapt the five-year development plan 2013-2017 and according to economic conditions faced by Iraq. "
He explained that "the priorities of the government to achieve the highest level of production of electrical energy to meet the growing need for electricity," noting that "all of these actions will achieve a better life for social segments, particularly the kids slice".
He expressed the Minister of Planning prepared his ministry and the Iraqi government about a year for "show assistance and cooperation with UNICEF to enable it to implement its programs," and expressed his appreciation for "the efforts of the organization and the need to increase these efforts through coordination with the competent ministries, including education, health, municipalities and public works, as well as The Ministry of Planning ".
The statement continued that "the facilities to the Regional Director of the UNICEF delegation included Colin Makins Deputy Permanent Representative to the Organization in Iraq, and Juliet Thomas, regional spokeswoman for the Syrian crisis in UNICEF"