Ministries enter into contracts informal cost of two billion dollars

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Sources from within the Ministry of Finance, Tuesday, for debt creating two billion dollars to the government because of contracts ministries with companies and contractors without the knowledge of the ministry. The sources told "tomorrow Press," that "the government ministries and agencies have been contracted outside the controls with companies and contractors to implement projects that have not ratified by the Ministry of Finance ", adding that" some of the characters within the ministries persuaded companies and contractors to the implementation rate of the projects, in order to get Komhnat only, although not for fundamentalist approvals for projects. "The sources pointed out that "the World Bank and the Fund International Monetary demanding the kind payment of debt contracting companies with government ministries and agencies, in order to get Karzehma ", indicating that" Iraq will be obliged to pay these debts caused by several ministries, means not Iraq take advantage of loans from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund amounting to 2.25 billion dollars only. " She said "the government has not conducted any investigations into the subject until the moment". He also sources revealed arrange other debts on Iraq, refusing to disclose its values. He is scheduled to World Bank is providing a loan of one billion dollars to the Iraqi government next year, to fill the budget deficit, to reform the Iraqi economy and restructuring, while expected to present the International Monetary Fund $ 1.25 billion as well.