Parliamentary work: the poverty rate in Iraq rose to 35% and our laws will contribute By reducing the

BAGHDAD / ... announced to the Labour and Social Affairs parliamentary, Monday, the high rate of poverty in Iraq to approximately 35%, according to Statistics conducted by the Ministry of Planning. A member of the committee MP Abdul Aziz Zalmi for "Eye Iraq News", the "Committee for Labor and Social Affairs is seeking coordination with the Ministry of Labour to pass laws that would reduce the rate of poverty in the country, and illusions of labor laws and social security as well as social welfare in addition to the pension law ".
He stressed "the need for there to be adequate to meet the growing poverty rate in the country with solutions, confirmed the existence of concerted efforts by the parliamentary committee work to prevent the worsening of this ratio." Zalmi called "the central government to make available its efforts to stop the increasing rate of poverty in the country and improve the living situation of the poor and disadvantaged layer"