CBI: sell $ 110 million per day during 2015 By Roudao 49 minutes ago

Sums of money from the US dollar...Roudao - Arbil, Iraqi Central Bank announced on Tuesday that the daily sales of the dollar rate during the current year 2015, amounted to 110 million dollars a day and at a lower rate than last year. The central bank said in a statement, said that "the daily sales of dollar sales for the year 2015 rate, stood at $ 110 million, "explaining that" this figure is less by 22% from last year. " The central bank, "the strength and flexibility of its reserves of foreign currency and coverage for more than and a half times the size of the Iraqi currency in circulation which impact on the stability of the dinar exchange rate," denying " All data and information to the press that indicated otherwise. " He added that "Some people deal with the analysis of the statement and without reference to the detriment of accurate data bank of Iraq and the economy both domestically and internationally and information."