Maliki's coalition rallying against Barzani and the Iraqi government calls for a lawsuit

Wednesday 05-08-2015 | 1:53:47

Shafaq News / The MP for the coalition of state law that the emotions of grace on the Iraqi government, "the prosecution of President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani," under the pretext of the existence of orders to the Peshmerga not to cut through Mosul - tenderness.

He said in an interview with the grace of Lord of Twilight News, The Al-Jazeera aired a news report that the senior leadership in the region ordered the Peshmerga forces not to be subjected to the strategic road to regulate Daash link between Mosul, the Iraqi-Syrian and tenderness.

Twilight News has been unable to confirm the information in an interview with the grace of an MP, which increased by demanding the trial of Barzani. "

It claimed that "officers of the Peshmerga confirmed in a televised statement that their positions overlooking the road (MOSUL - tenderness), and that they only monitor oil tankers pass it as well as cars carrying members Daash satisfied, and that coalition aircraft to Aigcef this road never raising suspicion, and that the leadership Peshmerga in the region ordered not to cut this road at all, and they cut to one day and ordered them to withdraw immediately driving under the pretext that the international airline alliance may Iqcefhm. "

She said, "The Iraqi government and the Iraqi people to speak out against what is happening. It is the duty of the government to prosecute Barzani, against the backdrop of this information documented sound and image. "

State of Law coalition and its leader Nuri al-Maliki was not in sync in the past years, due to several disagreements between Baghdad and Erbil concerning the budget and the salaries of the staff of the province and the Peshmerga and the oil and gas law.

Peshmerga forces have been battling for more than a year after terrorists Daash control over large areas of Iraq.

Kurdish forces have been able to restore a number of sites occupied by Daash close to the Kurdistan Region.