Jones: No US intentions to establish a Sunni region

BAGHDAD - morning
denied the US ambassador in Baghdad, Stuart Jones, recently rumored of news to give Washington a promise for the year to set up the province to them after clearing Iraqi territory from Conception "Daash", stressing the continuation of his government to support the Baghdad government in its fight against the terrorist organization the most dangerous in the world. Jones said during a meeting with a number of local media, Sunday he was "no truth to the news that talked about the existence of intent or promises US to set up a Sunni province after the liberation of areas of Daash." He added: "The United States support for the unity and stability of Iraq, it's also support for the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ".wabdy Jones, his country not to approve the delivery of F-16 aircraft to the Kurdistan region is directly because of the limitation agreement on this matter with the central government in Baghdad, revealing the implementation of the" international coalition "three thousand sorties, killing at At least 15 000 US Daasha.aldblomase element, explained that "the Iraqi F-16 aircraft deal has cost $ 3.1 billion, which is equipped with all the modern techniques and under the supervision of a specialized Iraqi team," denying "rumors which suggest the existence of a difference between the aircraft that have been delivered Iraq and the other ". Also denied Jones, to be visiting defense minister last country to Iraq" to dissuade security forces from entering Fallujah .. ", stressing that" the US administration supports the Iraqi government plans
".ouhol military operations in Anbar province, pointed out that "International Alliance against specific air strikes, on the perimeter of the stadium area in Ramadi, which the Iraqi counter-terrorism forces helped to get into the stadium area," pointing to "the destruction of the Alliance for the coefficient of car bombings in modern areas, Ramadi and Fallujah." He said, that "air strikes carried out by the international coalition in the city of Mosul is not Baahihh or timid, but it is influential in the terrorist organization, and that the Iraqi security forces and the Baghdad government to learn it, "refusing" to determine a time limit to bring out Daash of Iraq and Syria, ".lknh said, his country's commitment" to fight al Daash and expelled from Iraq and Syria, "adding that" we are continuing in our support for Iraq it fought against Daash despite criticism that took place in Congress, ".ouhol change the Turkish position on the war on" Daash "and its repercussions, explained Ambassador Washington," We are pleased with Turkey's cooperation with the international coalition, but We regret for civilian casualties in northern Iraq by the Turkish shelling, "noting that his country" supports the statements of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to maintain the sovereignty of Iraq, also understands the Turkish response to the terrorist acts carried out by the PKK after the killing of two Turkish soldiers "And on the international support Iraq, explained that "the United States participated with 8 million dollars for the Fund to support the immediate stabilization of the liberated areas in Iraq," expected at the same time "the participation of other countries Fund, which focuses on the creation of small projects supported, because the larger will be the prerogative of the government in Baghdad" .ozkr Jones through meeting the press, that "the Iraqi Ministry of Transport obtained the approval of export and import US Bank for a loan to modernize its fleet, have you in agreement with the Transport Minister Baqir Jabr on it, and we are now waiting for the ministry to submit a request to their needs.