Expert urges the government to hold a crisis cell for the advancement of the Iraqi economy

Student economist Abdul Hassan al-Shammari, Tuesday, the Iraqi government to hold a crisis cell for the advancement of the economic sector in Iraq, pointing out that politicians and economists Iraqis living in the country do not have any knowledge of how the economy File Manager. Al-Shammari said L / scales News / that "Iraq must be held cell crisis because the next crisis on Iraq are too high and there is no point in lending from the World Bank or borrow from any other country because he will bear the consequences and tying himself very harsh conditions in order to get the loan ". "The government is required to find solutions from within and not from outside because the pressure now rests with the Iraqi people regarding the taxation of Kartat Shipping mobile This shows that the Iraqi politicians and economists who are in the state do not have any knowledge of how the file manager," and urged that "are relying on the private sector in the economy as a file management actor and the most vital in the possession of the real solutions for the advancement of the Iraqi economy.
" He said Shammari "Now began customs tax on goods and this leads to the rise of the local economy will return many plants for production being will be competitive to the imported product", adding that "this production will raise the Iraqi budget and lead to a lack of dependence on central bank sales."

He called the economic expert government "to take swift action to return to the 75 million and lar a day and this huge amount could reach $ 300 million a day, the central bank sales and this leads to a great loss for Iraq because most of the lists that come to the Central Bank is forged and unreal lists for the Iraqi money smuggling ".

He called for the "re-wheel Iraqi industry and very quickly in order to minimize the import and pressure on the foreign currency held by the Iraqi government in the Ministry of Finance," and urged the Iraqi government "to hold a crisis cell and adopt largest number on the private sector because it is a real partner for the state to build economically in order to the advancement of the Iraqi economic sector. "