DFI funds under the government's microscope and integrity: the balance of Iraq's $ 24 billion!

He denied MP for the coalition of state law, honest frankincense, Monday, the existence of any manipulation of the development "DFI Fund", stressing that under the microscope of government control and the Committee on Integrity and can not manipulate the money deposited in it. He's chewing gum / Moisnin News / that "development" DFI "Fund includes all of Iraq's foreign money and oil money," explaining that "the responsible for it is the Ministry of Finance and notices deposit funds up to the central central bank." He MP for the coalition of state law that "the development of financial and budget funds are among the Development Fund is subject to government control and strong integrity and he was" under the microscope ", explaining that the balance in the Iraq Development Fund for Iraq" DFI "$ 24 billion. He frankincense that "all wills and all state intervention the DFI" "subject to severe censorship and one that could not trying to manipulate public money deposited in the fund," revealing that "there are checks and notices anyone who tries to reveal untouchable".In "Time of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives revealed leaks indicate a deficit in the draft budget by 47 trillion dinars, an economist warned of the likelihood withdraw foreign reserves in the Central Bank after the vacancy Development Fund for Iraq DFI of any amount."The "government sources revealed withdraw money from a reserve fund of the DFI, and acted by some parties individually" .