Ababi reveal for "information" numbers assigned to the region's oil extraction and warns of the state incurring large losses

Maliki's party
Revealed the MP for the coalition of state law, Nahla Alhbabi, Tuesday, that the cost of the Kurdistan region oil extraction rates exceeding sales, indicating that the continuation of Iraqi exports would cost the state huge losses. She Alhbabi told / information /, that "the extraction of oil in the Kurdistan region cost above $ 80 per barrel while sold in international markets to $ with 55 on average after falling prices," indicating that "the export oil region cost the Iraqi state heavy losses."
"The extraction was commissioned in the southern provinces especially Basra does not exceed dollars Aldah due to the existence of infrastructure of national oil companies which, as well as the quality and depth of the oil extracted in the south," pointing out that "these features are not available in the province, who came corporate investment in the hope of receiving a profit. "
She said "the accumulated debt of corporate investment will increase if it continues province Bassash export oil without reference to the center," pointing out that "global oil markets are looking forward to a new down after Iranian product oil entry on the scene after the nuclear deal means more losses for the region."
The Iraqi government considers the Kurdistan region to export oil without going back to the central government is illegal, while Baghdad has accused the provincial government to withhold its share of Eradat.