Communications: the inclusion of all provinces optical network takes 15 years and the availability of two billion dollars

The Ministry of Communications, on Monday, that the current conditions in the country have prevented the implementation of more than 460 thousand wireless telephone line, while showed that complete D-optic network throughout Iraq to provide four million wireless telephone line will take from ten to 15 years, and the availability of two billion dollars and expressed its willingness to cooperate with the investment companies and the local private sector to complete the project. The oldest Undersecretary for Technical Affairs in the Ministry of Communications, Amir al-Bayati, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The old landline phones in Iraq and the rest of the world has become one of the past as a result of scientific and technical progress The services provided by mobile phones, "adding that" the ministry tended to build a new optical network old instead of to attract the attention of citizens and provide better services for them. "
He said al-Bayati, the "optical network believes basket services comparable to its counterpart in the mobile phone," noting that it "needs to extend optical network across Iraq and the availability of great potential and a huge budget."
said the agent, that "The ministry began to extend the optical network since 2009 where completed annually between a hundred to 150 A-line," stressing "the completion of more than 460 A-line yet ".
He said al-Bayati, that "the number is a little compared to the actual need for what calls Kamal D-ring at all to ensure the success of the project Iraqi cities," adding, "But the security events and economic conditions and austerity and stop the ministry's budget prevented accomplish anything in 2014, the past, with that The ministry was able to carry 150 A-line during the current year, thanks to the Japanese grant. "
felt Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, that "coverage of Iraq Balchukh optical not only after ten or 15 years to come are," he continued, "so I thought the ministry to go to put the project for investment but the current circumstances discreet companies do not encourage adoption, despite opening the doors to them and in front of the Iraqi private sector as well. "
and between al-Bayati, that "The ministry offers great facilities for private companies to implement the project with the given ratio profit attractive," following up "The project, which includes four million telephone line completion in the whole of Iraq, needs to more than two billion dollars, the government can not secure now for the existence of the priorities of the most important such as war against Daash, displaced persons and others. "
The Ministry of Communications revealed in (the 27th of July 2015), the number of subscribers in the national system for wireless phones reached about 180 thousand joint, while showed that the total capacity of that system of 393 A-line, promised to complete the optical cable project will develop the system's work.