Cabinet authorizes Abadi reduce protection officials

Author: AR, BS
Editor: AR, BS

04/08/2015 7:10 p.m.

Long-Presse / Baghdad
The head of the Council of Ministers Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, that the response to the demands of the citizens is a duty and not a defect, and the ministers called for a campaign to fight corruption and the provision of services, as authorized Council of Ministers Abadi to reduce the number of protections officials, the Cabinet voted on the final version of the amendment governorates not organized law in province.

A statement issued by the Council of Ministers, and I got the (long-Presse), a copy of it, that "the Council of Ministers, held, its regular one-thirty on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that the big victories achieved by our armed forces in the breakers Anbar operations, especially gray area achieved its objectives according to plan. "

The statement added that "the Prime Minister stressed that the response to the demands of the duty of citizens and not a defect," stressing "the need to meet the legitimate demands advocated by the citizens."

The statement noted that "al-Abadi said the problems facing Iraq now is the result of accumulations in the political system and led to a real problem," pointing out that "the financial crisis resulting from lower oil prices overshadowed and its impact on all aspects of life in Iraq."

The statement continued, "The Prime Minister has directed that all ministers and ministries that the concrete results of the campaign to fight corruption with a campaign to provide the broadest range of services to include even administrative measures to ease the burden on the citizen."

The statement said that "The Council discussed the advancement of the electric power and the sustainability of its work and the allocation of the necessary for the Ministry of Electricity amounts of money to support the electricity system and perform maintenance of power plants and distribution networks and transportation," noting that "the Council decided to authorize the Prime Minister reduce the protections of officials and the emphasis on commitment the decision of Prime Minister universally role of housing officials machining programmed for electricity. "

It pointed out that "the Council of Ministers voted on the final version of the amendment governorates not organized law in the territory of No. (21) for the year 2008", adding that "the Council approved the decision of the Supreme Coordination Commission at its meeting on 1 current-up and complete its work to form a committee finish its work within three months to gradually transfer of powers from the entry into force of the law to be transferred some powers immediately and others within six months and others through the years and more and define the powers which remain within the powers of the federal ministries. "