Cell crisis taken several decisions to improve the electric power

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04/08/2015 8:42 p.m.

Long-Presse / Baghdad
It announced the crisis cell, on Tuesday, taking several decisions in order to improve the electric power, as discussed economic and financial situation in the country.

A statement issued by the Information Office of the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, and got the (long-Presse), a copy of it, that "al-Abadi chaired on Tuesday a meeting to discuss the crisis cell of economic and financial conditions have been in the country."

The statement added that "the meeting focused on ways to improve the situation of the electricity system," pointing out that "the crisis cell has taken a series of decisions that would assure to improve electrical power requirements."
It is noteworthy that Iraq is witnessing currently, mobility and a broad rally in protest against corruption and the deterioration of services, led by electricity, which is estimated to need it the country to more than 21 thousand megawatts, according to ministry estimates.