Citizens take action on taxes: profiteers citizen "red line"

Special scales News - MP from the bloc Salim Chawki, Monday, that strengthened the citizens and their salaries "red line", revealing that he will be ours in the House of Representatives further action on taxes.

He said Shawki's / scales News / "The recent tax imposed by the government to be borne by companies, merchants and other owners of capital and it's Log citizen to bear paid," adding that "profiteers citizens and staff salaries" red line "and will not be manipulated."

He MP for mass citizen "we will take further action on taxes imposed on citizens in the House of Representatives," explaining that "the tax imposed in the budget law for 2015, but will not be the responsibility of the citizen."

This "emphasized the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, the need to provide services to the citizen before the imposition of financial taxes on it."

And decided, "the Council of Ministers in the second from last June, to approve the fulfillment of customs tariffs in all border crossing points, without exception, as well as taxes, including sales tax on Kartat mobilize the mobile phone and the purchase of cars of all kinds in accordance with the provisions of Article 33 of the general budget" .anthy / 29 Law / d 24