Infallible: our people emphasized national unity against the terrorist gangs

August 3, 2015

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - President of the Republic Fuad Masum said that the crimes committed by the terrorist gangs Daash genocide and crimes against humanity, referring to crimes committed by gangs in Sinjar, Spyker and other areas.

Masum said that "the immense suffering which affected Yazidis citizens and one of the most prominent signs of the criminal nature of the terrorists Daash and the exit of all heavenly and humanitarian norms."

He explained that "these crimes and these rare suffering need us to be undertaken competent authorities of civil and governmental and parliamentary responsibilities and large missions in the area of ​​documentation first and displayed secondly on humanitarian public opinion and international government agencies and civil society organizations methods and including puts everyone in front of the humanitarian responsibility both in the mitigation of the suffering of our people displaced and displaced persons, prisoners and captives or in strengthening the combat effort in front of the ugliness Daash terrorist gangs ".

And increased infallible "If continuing to the people Yazidis heroes efforts and forces of the Peshmerga forces Dolly its army had achieved a lot on the road to liberation of the city occupied what is required from various agencies responsible enhance this potential combat and extended which would accelerate the achievement of the nail on the remnants of the Daash and an end to the abnormal situation there. "

"The year has passed since the occupation of Sinjar district, also passed the anniversary of the occupation of the city of Mosul cherished days ago, the memories as much as put us in front of tragedies and calamities, they put people in front of the challenges of a large exam to confirm the unity and confirmation standing description impregnable united against the brutal attack that does not distinguish between this and that the citizen ".

And he added that "our people succeeded in expressing their patriotism and in confirmation of national unity, and this is what puts us all double responsibilities for proper ground to provide the starting point of this national assembly in a matter of adversity far beyond, to the consolidation of autism and remove anything that would differentiate factors and divides the community. "