08/04/2015 01:34

Basra declares border crossings revenue decline

What customs tariff law that went into effect even cause many types of high commodity prices, it has also led to a decline in the terms of trade across the borders of the province within the border crossing points.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Committee announced the border crossing points in the Basra Governorate Council, on Monday, declining border crossings revenues, located in the province to the lowest level as a result of the application of the new law tariff customs, as called for exempting food and construction of the increase in customs tariffs to ease the burden on citizens with income Limited.

The head of the Committee and a member of the provincial council Morteza cream lipodeca in an interview with the local media and I followed "obelisk", "The application of the new law tariff customs cause a decline across in the province of border crossings import operations", noting that "the law also caused lower southern border ports revenue is unprecedented. For example, when I visited the port Safwan only overland border with Kuwait last Thursday was the port revenues so today billion dinars, but when I visited the same port last Saturday was the revenues of two million dinars. "

Lipodeca stressed that "the increase in customs tariffs stipulated by the new law burden the citizens and increase the suffering caused by the high prices, and the poor are the most affected, and therefore we regret the position of the House of Representatives, who agreed to pass the law in its current form," adding that "the provincial council strongly clings its position of rejecting the application of the customs tariff law unless amended, so that the food should be exempted from customs and construction increase. "

Chairman of the Committee of border crossings and explained that "the new law has negative implications for the reconstruction of the province, where the lists of projects have been prepared on the basis of prices that prevailed in the market for building materials, but after the application of the law the prices of those materials rose," adding that "it threatens Ptlka delayed implementation of a lot of service projects. "

For his part, he said a member of the provincial council and head of the Oil and Gas Committee of the Board Ali Shaddad knight "The law of customs tariff as that entered into force even cause a rise of many types of commodity prices, has also led to a decline in the terms of trade across located within the boundaries of the province of border crossings." , explaining that "the local government in Basra, both legislative (Provincial Council) and Executive (Office of the province) calls on the federal government to postpone the application of the law until further notice, as if postpone its implementation for at least a year."

He pointed Knight that "the new law, the application of reason and cause migration of traders and businessmen from Basra to Kurdistan, so turn their trade routes from Basra ports to the region ports that have not yet committed to the application of the new law, and which provide facilities to traders and importers, and we have documents to prove it." , pointing out that "law enforcement is likely to soon lead to the revitalization of the movement of import through border crossings controlled by the terrorist organization Daash".

The Basra is the beating heart of the Iraqi economy, it has five active commercial ports, and implementers border crossings onshore, are Shalamcheh port with Iran, and port Safwan with Kuwait, as well as thousands of farms and orchards, and many large state-owned factories (mostly parked for production), as It produces and exports most of Iraq's oil quantities. In spite of all this, the population of the province suffer from many big challenges and problems, the local government is facing serious difficulties in finding effective solutions to those problems and challenges as a result of the limited powers and the weakness of the financial allocations.