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BGG: Let's do a BGG Round Table where we "bat some ideas around"... and do LIVE Q & A??

semperfidude: Any news with Dinar Corp

BGG semperfidude: The latest development is they have an 8/10 hearing scheduled... which appears very, very quick.
BGG semperfidude: this is "reportedly"...

semperfidude: Licensing problems ?

BGG semperfidude: not sure of the full scope - but it would appear the "reserves" are an issue.

DiagyAAAE: IYO does the 60 day deadline have ANYTHING to do with an International rate?

BGG DiagyAAAE: IMHO it has EVERYTHING to do with a rate - the WB/IMF has (essentially) told them to get their AML policies in order or they will WOP them back to the stone ages (in currency value). aka - BLACKLISTED...

BGG DiagyAAAE: that does not appear to be a hollow threat... and it would seem directed at Maliki and his cronies.

DiagyAAAE I totally agree!!!!
DiagyAAAE Al-Maliki accused of wasting a trillion dollars

Baghdad, Iraq Press -3 August / August 2015
JUST A NEWS BOMB we can talk about

BGG DiagyAAAE of note as well - Abadi appears to have a "new program" for the Integrity Commission - which is to ask "where did you get that?? Meaning they intend to as a lot of questions.

BGG DiagyAAAE: further - my concerns about Maliki and Abadi looking like they are getting along seem to be a "false alarm" - lots of news out today condemning Maliki of financial misdeeds in Iraq right now.

maine: bank reserves or dealer reserves?

BGG dealer reserves.

DiagyAAAE: I read something about Daash gold mine and USA Company?

BGG DiagyAAAE: that is an important piece - the uprising against Maliki (the VP) is getting louder.
BGG DiagyAAAE: it's an internet spoof - they are done.
BGG DiagyAAAE: on the way...
BGG DiagyAAAE: ISIS is big on internet propaganda.

Signman: does thurs meeting have anything to do with an RV?

BGG Signman: Who knows?? Anything is possible...
BGG Signman: good thought though.

Signman: do you expect a huge announcement when the RV happens?

BGG Signman: Yes, it will be visible, immediately "around the world" and no "trickle down"...

BGG Signman: you will know when it happens - what may be in question,
BGG Signman: is where the best exchange locations are. Which is why being on the D.U.C.E. list is a good idea.

Dr Dave: If they can only muster 200-228 to vote on insignificant laws...how could they ever get a super majority for the important ones?

BGG Dr Dave: they have called for international mediation (just over the weekend) on such issues. Could be the world powers will help "persuade" the Shia "leadership" to act right.

BGG Dr Dave: they are aware of their short comings and have asked for intervention.

Dr Dave: U think????

BGG Dr Dave: all in ink - check the News Forum over the weekend.

maine: also the world bank is watching!

BGG maine: with a MASSIVE hammer in their hand.

STARBUCK: Good day everyone...sorry to interrupt in the room but has anyone heard if the tariffs actually started being implemented at Iraqi borders over the weekend? I just came into the room, maybe already answered

BGG STARBUCK: there has been print on both sides of this - I suspect they have... however,
BGG STARBUCK: I saw pics over the weekend of import vehicles waiting at "ports" to bring goods in...
BGG STARBUCK: I have a funny feeling they are half afraid to bring the goods in at the new prices.


BGG STARBUCK: all in ink in the current Iraq News Thread...

CanTWaitwoRV tman23: VIDEO: Brent falls below $50 a barrel for the first time since Jan.http://www.cnbc.com/2015/08/02/us-cr...le-supply.html

BGG CanTWaitwoRV: I did say that was going to happen - huh?

Signman: any more info on Maliki and his legal troubles?

BGG Signman: lots of ink on that - last couple of days
BGG Signman: he's being accused of a lot of financial wrong doing over the last couple of days...

CanTWaitwoRV BGG: more pressure on Iraq I'd imagine...they take the pain versus pleasure principle to a whole new level

BGG CanTWaitwoRV: tariffs without value is SIGNIFICANT PRESSURE. This is real...

CanTWaitwoRV BGG: yeppers and oil going below 50 bux jeez

Signman: can the GOI RV without the CBI?

BGG Signman: No - they cannot. However...
BGG Signman: I pointed out the other day, the GOI (various committees) want this (added value) as much as anyone... it is conceivable the GOI did this knowingly to put more pressure on the CBI to act accordingly...
BGG Signman: along with the significant pressure on Maliki with his financial misdeeds coming to light more and more everyday.

Signman: I mean surely the IMF knows Maliki is holding up Iraq and boy do they need it

BGG Signman: their threats are a clear indicator they know.
BGG Signman: what I'm saying is:
BGG Signman: the GOI may be allowing the tariffs and taxes to go ahead in spite of the CBI holding things off - I hope it doesn't backfire on them (if that is the case)...

maine: as in implode!

BGG maine: correctamundo!!

Jonhenry: what do you think that CBI really has left to do to change value

BGG Jonhenry: change the value.

Jonhenry: so there are no items outstanding that are required?
Jonhenry: laws and such

maine: and get rid of Alak

BGG Jonhenry: However, the WB/IMF have given Iraq a 2 month deadline for getting their AML policies in order... does that need to be before, after or during ... ??
BGG Jonhenry: They have not qualified this - they want the crooks dealt with.
BGG Jonhenry: no - my point is - they only have to change the value...

semperfidude: Transfer of powers to the Providences,

BGG semperfidude: That is a very good sign, but it's not a requirement - IMHO...

Signman: why do you think Abadi still hasn't gotten rid of Alak? Abadi knows that Maliki is trying to topple his govt and an RV would make that very difficult for him to do

BGG Signman: Maliki is Alaks "underpinning of support"... that's why.
BGG Signman: Maliki first - ALAK second.
BGG Signman: (probably)

maine: some more waiting!

BGG maine: maybe not much.

Signman: but by changing the CBI governor that helps him get rid Maliki

BGG Signman: I see your point - maybe I'm wrong - no problem.
BGG Signman: I'm as good either way.
BGG Signman: 1st and foremost - I'm in this like you - the sooner the better (as far as I'm concerned).

maine: if you remove the source then the head dies

BGG maine: Yup.

Signman: Abadi handling of this does not make sense

BGG Signman: it does in light of the political challenges "behind the scenes"... looks like to me the NA and those typically on the "Maliki side of the fence" lining up against him lately gives us a heads up as to where things are headed??

drsuz: they could be keeping them around maybe to recover as much money as possible

BGG drsuz: I think that is the point of Abadi's new "where did you get that" campaign...

faith1: did the bonds come out for purchase in Iraq ?

BGG faith1: internal bonds.

faith1: yes internal ?

BGG faith1: yes...

faith1: well that's good ! have they said a period of time or time frame before they are available international ?

BGG faith1: No idea...

Mrs BGG: These will be the last 2 questions, and then we will have a special call...

GrannieAnnie: Do you feel that Abadi thinks that once the get rid of Maliki, that Alak will finally do what he is supposed to do and that may be why Abadi is headset on getting rid of Maliki first?

BGG GrannieAnnie: Alak is probably thinking about doing what he has to NOW - the pressure has to be making an impression.

BGG: OK gang - that's it for Round Table - be sure to tune in for News Time this evening @ 7:30 pm EST Thanks so much...

BGG: we may do a special call in just a few minutes.