Abadi: the decision to reduce salaries and cutting the programmer was rejected

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi....Revealed the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, rejected the decision for some officials' salaries and cutting programmed reduction of electricity, and pointed out that the biggest waste of wealth is to "poor planning", as called for activating the principle of "Where did you get this." Ebadi said in a speech during the first Conference of coexistence among young people, and shared it with (long-Presse), that "the government with young people seeking to repair and improve the services and the fight against corruption because we are in the same trench, not Khandeghin". Abadi said that "the country is facing represented a serious challenge to the danger of terrorist gangs obscurantism and faced by our heroes on the battlefield under intense heat for the dignity and unity of our country and its citizens," stressing that "cooperation and concerted efforts of all the political blocs and the media will go the country to reform dander safety."
Abadi stressed that "there are clashing between the blocks on the positions and even sacrifices heroes of fighters has become a matter of conflict between the blocs," adding that "the Holy fatwa religious reference was to volunteer for jihad Ulkipaia under the state umbrella of the flag of the State and that the security system is one and indivisible, and we must work as a team One of the best because the conflict to cooperate. "

Abadi pointed out that the government "does not want to silence the voice objected and we with them in order to improve services and reform," pointing to "the issuance of orders of the security forces need to good to deal with the demonstrators and the security forces fighting on the battlefield are protected the demonstrators and that the common factor between them is service homeland and the citizen. "

Abadi and called for "the need to activate the principle (Where did you get this) for all and that the integrity formed a special investigation teams body of the money."

Abadi pointed out that "any reform our step and are rejected, including that of reducing the salaries of officials as well as the inclusion of officials machining programmed for electricity," pointing out that "the biggest waste of wealth is bad planning and organization followed in the implementation of projects."