National appeal urgently .. Nuri al-Maliki is trying to steal your efforts and Hrakkm popular blessed!?

Jabbar al-Yasiri Monday, August 03 0.2015

To the heroes of the national popular movement blessed .. who stole money and souls of your sons have the audacity and arrogance now trying to steal your mighty and Tagirha and harnessed for him and for the implementation of malicious agenda Vahdhiroh most careful not you fall in Mshehadth again!?

National appeal urgently .. we received confirmed from within the corridors and the corridors of the gang and coterie Nuri al-Maliki and his gang News, stating that he brazenly trying to ride the current popular wave, and rode by sectarian militia wave, and intends to steal the fruit of the sons of the national popular giveaway who rebelled against injustice and tyranny and tyranny efforts The stolen money and waste of Iraq, and the sale of Mosul, killing the sons of the Iraqi army.

Nuri al-Maliki is trying to buy off the popular movement leaders and harness and doctoring these demonstrations to topple the government of Haider al-Abadi, in order to stage a coup Mlaxiaoa led it to declare Ataiwai situation in the whole of Iraq, and it will be and his cronies at the head of the transitional Provisional Authority, in preparation for a presidential election aspire or dream that be the President of the Republic or the mandate of the State of velayat-e faqih Iraq in the near future.

This is what our response and we would like to inform you that it very briefly, so it must take all the reasons for caution from this cunning fox and those who stand behind him and moves him, to Aakecal the People's National Movement-Mubarak, and in order to thwart and silence the voices of Iraqis demanding freedom and dignity and bread.