Starting the project of the electricity market in the Senate Thi Qar

Twilight News / confirmed the local administration in Suq the launch of a project for electricity at a cost of two and a half billion dinars.
He said Mayor eliminate Haitham Aziz al-Hamdani said in a statement that "the project to improve and develop residential neighborhoods networks began its work and began executing the company's work."

He pointed out that "when the two projects will contribute to solving supplement the electricity problems in the district of Suq through the construction of new feeders and installing new lines and transformers and improve network and electrification of a number of residential areas."
"The neighborhoods that will be covered by the project is the green belt area inspired Ghadeer first, second, third and Battat and Sabean."
On the other hand Electricity Distribution Directorate of Dhi Qar announced that cutting electricity on Sunday in a number of market areas of Senate came as a result of the maintenance of the line 33 connecting the palms of Tel meat station.
: all of Iraq - Source: Twilight News

Courtesy of Holly1