Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – August 3, 2015

Posted on August 3, 2015 by Editorial Staff in Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief

Iraqi Kurdish govt says PKK oil pipeline attack cost Kurdistan $250 million
Erbil: Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government said that recent acts of sabotage by PKK on oil pipelines to the Turkish port of Ceyhan had led to “an almost complete stoppage in the flow of crude oil”. A government statement posted online on Sunday said the attacks had cost the KRG more than $250 million. A pipeline carrying Kirkuk and Kurdish oil to Ceyhan was halted after an attack by saboteurs last week, though a shipping agent later said pumping had resumed using a bypass line. Reuters |

Massoud Barzani pledges to liberate Yazidis’ Sinjar from the control of Islamic State
Duhok: Kurdistan region President Massoud Barzani pledged on Monday, to liberate Sinjar from the control of Islamic State group (IS) militants soon, while stressing that he would try to coordinate with Baghdad and Erbil to convert the region into a province, vowing revenge against the criminals who committed the tragedy of Sinjar and made “IS under the feet of Kurdish Yazidis. ” Barzani said at the ceremony that took place in Dohuk on the occasion of the first anniversary of the invasion of IS jihadi militants to ​​Sinjar (Shingal) area in a speech that he pledges that liberating Sinjar will not take a long time, adding that the geographical area of Sinjar and the distance between them and the region was exploited by terrorists and contributed in not controlling it so far. Barzani assured Yazidis of protecting them directing his speech to them, ” never think that we will deliver this region to any other party again.” Barzani noted that the tax paid by the Kurdish Yezidis was because they preserved their religion in Kurdish, noting that what the Yezidis have suffered was part of a series of tragedies on the Kurdish people. Barzani in thanked to Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units YPG fighters and women for helping in protecting the Kurdish Yazidis and opened the way for them to cross Mount Sinjar. |

Two minute Silence in Kurdistan recalling Sinjar disaster
Erbil: Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced that the official departments will stand for two minutes recalling Sinjar disaster as its first memory is passing Monday. Islamic State group (IS) militants have occupied Sinjar town a year ago, and they implemented crime of genocide against the thousands of inhabitants of Kurds and Yezidis , which also led to the displacement of thousands of them. KRG issued a statement on the occasion, saying, “on the occasion of the anniversary of Shingal (Sinjar) disaster and its suburbs, where IS militants attacked on 03/08/2014 this town and its neighboring villages, the IS militants had brutally killed a large number of the citizens of this region, especially from Kurdish Yezidis, took thousands of others and displaced them , in this sad day we announce our solidarity with the families of the martyrs and victims of this disaster. ” The statement added “On this occasion, KRG will stand two minutes of silence at ten in the morning on 08/03/2015 in all government institutions to the souls of the martyrs and victims of genocide. |

NGOs planning to hold demonstration in Kurdistan
Erbil: There are efforts by civil organizations to hold demonstrations in cities in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region as the organizations blame ruling parties for crises in the autonomous Kurdistan region in Iraq’s north. The president of a non-governmental supervising organization in the region, Shwan Zanganeh, told Shar Press that his organization has made preparations for demonstrations against water and electricity shortage in the region. He claimed the crises in the region are being made by political parties on purpose, adding that difficulties are worse in Slemani than in Erbil and Dohuk. Zanganeh said the organization has made preparations to hold demonstrations but it has postponed holding them in fear of being misused by political parties. People hold demonstrations in Khorman and Qala Dize in Slemani province days ago in protest to water and electricity problems. |

Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi to PKK: Please leave Iraq
Baghdad: Iraqi Vice President, Ayad Allawi confirmed on the importance of good neighborly relations between his country and all countries in the region based on mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs. Turkey has attacked the Workers’ Party of Kurdistan (PKK) in the border areas of Iraq’s Kurdistan region. Allawi said in a statement that “We reject any form of aggression on any part of Iraqi territory at a time we do not accept at all Iraq to be a base or a transit point for aggression on the land, sovereignty and interests of the neighboring countries.” Allawi called, PKK to leave the territory of Iraq and adopt a peaceful approach in dealing with the Turkish government. ” He also called Ankara to “open channels of dialogue to reach a solution that promotes civil peace , safeguard moderation and progress in neighboring Turkey and fortified joint action against terrorism.” |