Barzani talks about “Sinjar” province and swears: I will make ISIS under your feet
Monday, 03 August 2015 13:45

Shafaq News / The President of Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani pledged on Monday, to liberate Sinjar from the control of ISIS terrorist organization soon,

while stressing that he would try to coordinate with Baghdad and Erbil to convert the region into a province, vowing revenge against the criminals who committed the tragedy of Sinjar and made "ISIS under the feet of Kurdish Yazidis. "

Barzani said at the ceremony that took place in Dohuk on the occasion of the first anniversary of the invasion of "ISIS" terrorists to ​​Sinjar area in a speech that he pledges that liberating Sinjar will not take a long time, adding that the geographical area of Sinjar and the distance between them and the region was exploited by terrorists and contributed in not controlling it so far.

He added that he vows that if one of the criminal perpetrators remained from the tragedy of Sinjar , he will get our revenge, but he also said that this will be according to a special method directed to the Kurds Yazidis not to revenge randomly so as not to have a negative reaction on Kurdistan region and the Yezidis themselves.

Barzani assured Yazidis of protecting them directing his speech to them, " never think that we will deliver this region to any other party again."

Barzani called on Kurdistan Regional Government, despite the economic crisis to pay special attention to Sinjar, stressing that he will make all attempts to transfer it to a province through coordination with Baghdad.

Barzani promised the girls that they are the honor of the Kurds pledging that the criminals who committed this crime will get their punishment.

Barzani noted that the tax paid by the Kurdish Yezidis was because they preserved their religion in Kurdish, noting that what the Yezidis have suffered was part of a series of tragedies on the Kurdish people.

Barzani in thanked to the People's Protection Units of the Syrian Kurdish fighters and women for helping in protecting the Kurdish Yazidis and opened the way for them to cross Mount Sinjar.