Jaafari hails Canada: played an important role in supporting Iraq

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, that Canada played an important role in supporting Iraq, stressing the importance of continuing to support, and open its doors wider relations and benefit from the Canadian experience. He said al-Jaafari during a meeting with the President of the Canadian House of Commons Andrew Scar, that the political blocs agreed to joint action, signed a document of honor includes twenty points, the first of these points form a government of national participation, and to agree on the importance of filling the security ministries, as well as the government seeks to reality on the ground evaluation, and the reality of the armed forces, and develop plans for the reconstruction of areas out of government control. He pointed out that the armed forces and the crowd People and the sons of the tribes and the Peshmerga has made ​​great field victories, and regained the Salah al-Din, and Diyala, and areas on the outskirts of Baghdad, and in al-Anbar, praising the efforts made ​​by Canada for its military support and advisory and logistical, close air support and humanitarian aid.