Guarantor of security Telecom: we do not raise the price of shipping and the cost of card call support for the Iraqi people

02/08/2015 nine sixteen p.m.

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said the CEO of a security guarantor for Communications Arif Albhash, on Sunday, said his company did not raise the price of shipping a mobile phone card as well as the call rate support for the Iraqi people, adding that the current situation which is going through the country requires the cooperation of everyone and not burdening citizens.

He said Albhash told {Euphrates News} "The foreign telecommunications companies operating in Iraq operate within put between them and the Iraqi government, law, and the government gave investment approvals and the purpose of the investment is reaping the amounts and the profits go out of the country; but security guarantor telecommunications company Iraqi pure, and worked to reverse foreign companies and brought money from abroad to invest in Iraq, adding, "We encourage investment in Iraq and at the same time emphasize that these are investments with the Iraqi citizen is not overwhelmed."

He added that "the company did not raise the price of shipping card for mobile phones or price minute call, There patronage of Shrine of the Holy that the company will hold continuous meetings to get to provide better telephone services, noting, "We are proud to sponsor a security company is the only Iraqi company among the investment companies in this aspect, and we seek to provide national support to subscribers."

He concluded by saying that "The company estimated the envelope, which passes by the country and the situation, who lives by the Iraqis and live in those conditions being the sons of the country and strive to not burdening citizens through price soft contacts, adding that" the mobile phone has become a necessity and not a luxury and must keep the appropriate prices of services and non-filed " .

The Ministry of Finance has imposed a tax on telecommunications companies by 20%, which led to the increase Kartat mobile rates, and burdening the citizen without the companies affected.

It is said that packing card for several five thousand class companies become price 6500, while he became kart price Ten thousand 12 000 dinars category. Finished p