Basra Council rejects amendments to Law 21 and that is targeted for the petrodollar and border crossings

Basra local government refused the amendment Council of Ministers intends made on some of the 21 paragraphs of the amended law, describing the amendments as aimed at Basra and especially with regard to money petrodollars and border crossings. The head of the provincial council morning Albzona in a statement to Radio tow after a coordination meeting with the central government finishes on the transfer of powers and that it was agreed in which to transfer some of them to local governments within three months, starting from the fifth month this August and Reinvestment Act to the House for an amendment on some of its paragraphs, including with regard to the reduction of $ 5 money Petro to 5 percent of the value of a barrel of oil issued by the province in addition to reducing the share of local governments of the border crossing points from 50 to 25 percent. Considering that the amendment intended by the province of Basra without Gerha.oodhav Albzona Basra registered strong objections worded on this subject and will reject their representatives in the House of Representatives proposed amendment to Law 21 of the provinces are not organized province, which is the third amendment to the law.