Government committed from mobile companies to impose sales tax and not companies?

(Independent) ... came the Iraqi government's decision to impose sales tax on the use of mobile phones by 20% increase on the Kartat shipping bills and the subsequent payment binding implementation starting from 1 August 2015. The economist said in a statement (Independent) said Saturday that "This decision, which was prepared and approved and imposed by the Iraqi government came in application of Article 33 of Law No. 2 of the federal public budget for the year 2015". "The government has committed all mobile companies operating in the country (Zain Iraq, Asiacell and Korek) implemented and identified that the Ministry of Finance collects the amounts obtained from citizens through the General Authority for taxes." The expert explained that "these companies represent one of the biggest investments in the country and pay worth 18% of the revenues go to the Iraqi national income which has been agreed upon since the signing of the work of these companies licenses decades, it is committed today as committed previously unknown to all government laws and regulations and operates under and respect because they represent a government tool to organize their work. " He said that "due to the government imposed new taxes include online networks in addition to the car in an attempt to avoid the economic crisis experienced by Iraq as a result of lower oil prices." The expert pointed out that "the draft budget of 2015 provided for in Article 33 on" the imposition of sales tax on Kartat mobilization of mobile phone networks and the Internet (20%) of the card value and the percentage (15%) on the purchase of cars of all kinds and tickets, "Mbinna that if there Accounting not be on the phone companies, but on the parliament and the government. " He said the draft law authorized the "Ministry of Finance to issue the necessary instructions application of this Article.