Sadr hails peaceful demonstrations demanding a public investigation with negligence in the electricity file

(Independent) .. Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr hailed the peaceful demonstrations demanding the right stolen (electricity), calling at the same time an urgent, transparent and public investigation with all negligent in electricity file. Sadr said in a statement issued by his office that "any attack on any Iraqi citizen caller rights demonstrations peaceful - and in particular to demonstrate to demand the right to stolen (electricity) is an attack on us and on Iraq Collect - because our position is clear: ((We are with the oppressed peoples)) . He said, "Peace is the legitimate claimants of their rights legally and peacefully away from the violence and politicization and partisan tendencies ... much of the party and government agencies are trying to doctoring and spontaneous popular demonstrations this to their advantage." He continued, "As we stand in surveys jihad against the occupier and against Hmaz prospects, we have not and will not forget you, O demonstrators heroes, ye surveys in jihad to Ttaliboa your rights and our rights and we are with you with your enemy, you do not pass the eye of God and Traakm".
He said al-Sadr "At the same time I join with your voice to demand that the parliamentary and government authorities to work out a rapid and effective plan to improve the deteriorating situation of the electricity in the whole of Iraq, especially in the provinces hours of electricity less where for fifteen hours without the increased or reached the first hour," adding He said, "but does not mean that sufficiency so, but the actor seeking to achieve what is higher, and through popular actors cooperate with government agencies to organize exchange and determine pricing and support public and private generators and other such things if it is cooperation by the non-infringement upon by some role and shops, there would be a clear improvement. "

He called "to put a quick law enacted all of that, in addition to demand an urgent, transparent and public investigation with all negligent in the previous government who stole billions of people and a bit of their power but the current government, both the ministers of electricity, all specialists".

He stressed the need for continued demonstrations, warning "of exploitation of some government parties first, and some sympathizers Hmaz prospects in order to make the safe areas a breeding ground for them," stressing that "the security authorities to pay attention to it and took extreme caution."