Parliamentary Finance describes the tow through the application of the customs tariff system details

He said a member of the parliamentary finance committee Masood Haider that the application of the customs tariff system for food and goods will be in the light of the budget law for 2015 will also be the imposition of taxes on airline tickets, cars and mobile phone companies to increase fiscal revenue of the country. He explained Haider Radio Marbad that the taxes that will be imposed on the mobile phone companies are selling taxes, not buy and this means no passport Download tax rate of those on the citizen by phone companies, noting that the Finance Committee will discuss this issue during its meeting on Sunday and define the steps that must be taken in this regard as well as the vote in the Committee to send a book calling for the central government and the Finance Ministry to compel mobile phone companies to bear the tax imposed on them and not to increase the packing Kartat rates, in addition to the claim to host the Minister of Finance by the Commission.
Haider that also noted the application of customs and tax system will cover all border crossings in the country, without exception, pointing to resolve the differences that existed between the central government and the Kurdistan region on this subject and to reach an agreement between the parties requires the application of the tariff system in all ports and confirmation of the provincial government on commitment so.

With regard to the imposition of taxes on airline tickets and cars between member parliamentary Finance Committee that deal with this topic it is up to the Ministry of Finance and the central government on the part of determining the amount of tax borne by the citizen and the portion borne by the biggest companies.