Hakim stresses the protection of demonstrations of penetration and prepared to invite political forces to improve their performance

Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council reaffirmed that the right to demonstrate is guaranteed by the Constitution which is characteristic of democratic regimes attributes, calling for the protection of demonstrations demanding the services and the fight against corruption and penetration of liming political interests. " A statement by the presidency of the Supreme Council for the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that al-Hakim said in his speech at the Diwan Baghdad elites and political competencies held at his office in Baghdad on Saturday that "the demonstration in itself an invitation to political forces to improve the political performance, stressing that bridge the gap between the citizen and the administrator and reduce salaries will contribute to this landfill, stressing the importance of administrative decentralization as a gateway to the achievement of social justice. "
And that "administrative decentralization, although the management to carry it political dimensions through reassure people," and called to "accelerate decentralization without recklessness," pointing out that "Devolution of power to local governments does not mean the abolition of ministries, but will retain ministries sovereign prerogatives."
But he stressed the "importance of the relationship between the center and local governments complementary relationship based on the distribution of roles and ease the burden on the federal government."

He explained that "the equation that ensure the rights of all are the equation strong center and strong parties because the center of power weak and the parties mean dictatorship and uniqueness and the weak center and strong parties means disintegration, recalling that the Constitution between the administrative importance of balance in the country".
Hakim pointed out that "the formation of regions in terms of reaction to something that does not serve the unity of Iraq, returned the reason for the failure of the provinces is the lack of enforcement of laws that give the conservative powers and the way that makes them the wrath of their audience in front of which were elected directly elected."
And that "is the right of the petro-dollar oil-producing provinces as compensation for the environmental consequences and their agricultural lands, which has become taboo oil," stressing the importance that "the role of the provinces in the upper policy-making of the country and the involvement of representatives" .