The coalition of the wise: the presidency of the National Alliance, the coalition of the right and the rule of law is hampered

Islamic Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim and members of a coalition of citizen
Of the Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim citizen bloc confirmed, on Sunday, the eligibility of the coalition to nominate one of his characters for the presidency of the National Alliance, as pointed out that the rule of law works to block the resolution of the presidency of the Alliance, stressed the all coalition forces need to resort to constitutional and legal frameworks in this issue, showed that the rule of law have the right to object only to the candidate, not the right to nominate one of the characters. He said mass citizen member Sami Jizani in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "the National Alliance Foundation is essential for the institution to be able to political action management in the country being the largest bloc," noting that "there are political parties within the National Alliance became obstructive to this The role is not serious and is not willing to be the National Alliance institution with the ability to produce true political decision reflects the country to the other bank. "
He Jizani, that "Iraq today is facing a big challenge and engaged in fierce battles against Daash and achieve victories on the ground," adding, "These victories need to be a political movement and the political movement today is disabled because of the continuing conflicts within the National Alliance, which has deepened the trust between the components of crisis" .

He stressed Jizani, the need for "everyone back inside the National Alliance forces their positions and resort to constitutional and legal frameworks", stressing that "it was agreed on who has the prime minister be a presidency of the coalition of the other partner, who is the National Coalition, who lives on steady-state reverse a coalition of state law live in a state of fragmentation and lack of harmony ".

He Jizani, that "the right of a coalition of state law to object only to the candidate by the National Coalition and no right to a single nomination from within to head the Alliance", pointing out that "the figures that have been nominated by a coalition of law have not been Bmqubolh that manages the Ministry of marginal How he could turn into a personal parental management of the alliance. "

The State of Law coalition confirmed, on Friday (31st of July 2015), that the candidate for the presidency of the National Alliance, Ali al-Adeeb, is acceptable to the majority of components of the coalition with the exception of the Supreme Council, which has another candidate, expressing his willingness replace it with another or resorting to elections to resolve the position in order to preserve the unity of the coalition Let's face challenges that beset the country.

It is said that a coalition of state law, new in, (the 28th of July 2015), confirm their eligibility under the chairmanship of the National Alliance, and while he is prepared replace its candidate for the post, Ali al-Adeeb, if they objected to it and other parties, or to resort to other options Calantkhab or rotating presidency, Counting that the problem lies in the desire of the Supreme Islamic Council to nominate someone from outside Parliament for the post despite the inadmissibility of the legal fact that the alliance is "the largest parliamentary bloc."

The political blocs within the National Alliance, endorsed in, (the 21st of July 2015), there are differences "deep" on the presidency of the coalition, while the Islamic Supreme Council confirmed, that position became of the share of the National Coalition, after a coalition of state law for the prime minister, the latter saw that the choice of the president should be done by election within the body of the alliance, or in line at a particular person should be deputies, while the Liberal bloc preferred to be chosen unanimously to preserve the unity and cohesion of the Alliance.

The State of Law coalition confirmed, on Sunday (the 12th of July 2015), that discussions are still ongoing within the National Alliance for the selection of a speaker, among the sensitive issue and the debate centered on the mechanism to select the President, said that the presidency of the Alliance is not the share of state block.

The National Alliance has emphasized during the last term intention to rewrite its rules of procedure in a way to make it "a solid institution" be able to meet the challenges and support the government being the largest bloc in the Iraqi parliament, as it has 179 deputies.