Invitations to resort to elections for the failure of compatibility Nomination for the presidency of the "Shiite" fueling the dispute al-Hakim and al-Maliki Dr. Osama Mehdi

Abadi conflict between al-Maliki and threatens the collapse of the Shiite House
Iraqis: the confessions of al-Maliki, his failure requiring trial Fueled a coalition of state law, led by al-Maliki's candidacy for leadership on the writer for the presidency of the ruling Shiite Iraqi Alliance disagreements and accusations between the components of the alliance with the Supreme Council, led by al-Hakim said that the presidency of right coalition, which join it and the chest and the other ingredients, accusing al-Maliki of trying to derail the work of the "Shiite" and heading for the transition to an institutional entity . London : accused citizen bloc representing the Supreme Islamic Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim State of Law coalition headed by Deputy Prime Algmehomreh Nuri al-Maliki to derail the resolution of the presidency of the Alliance stressing the legitimacy of the National Coalition, which includes the Supreme Council and the Sadr movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr and the National Congress led by Ahmed Chalabi and the forces of Shiite youngest led coalition Shiite.
A member of the bloc citizen Sami Jizani that a coalition of state law works to block the resolution of the presidency of the National Alliance, "Shiite" .. He pointed to the eligibility of the National Coalition to nominate one of his characters for the presidency of the alliance.

He stressed in a press statement sent text to Elaph that "the institutionalization of necessary National Alliance to be an entity capable of political action administration in the country as the biggest bloc, but there are political parties in this alliance hinder this role and become serious and are not willing to be a coalition Foundation have the ability to the production of true political decision reflects Iraq to the other side. "

He warned Jizani that Iraq today faces a great challenge and engaged in fierce battles against al "Daash" and achieve victories on the ground, but these victories need to be a political movement and this movement is disabled today because of the lack of vision the truth of the National Alliance because of the continuing conflict, which has deepened the crisis of confidence between its components.

He pointed out that "It is essential that everyone is back within the National Alliance forces positions and past and resort to constitutional and legal frameworks where we have agreed that it has a prime minister The chairmanship of the alliance to the other partner, who is the National Coalition, which today lives in a state Aiam and stability unlike the other party which is a coalition of state law who live in a state of fragmentation and lack of harmony. "

He Jizani that "the right of a coalition of state law to object only to the candidate by the National Coalition, but not the right one nomination from the inside to the presidency of the coalition and even the characters that have been nominated by a coalition of law have not been Bmqubolh that manages the Ministry of marginal How will enable it to turn into a personal Alliance able to "manage the Shiite political and parliamentary great size.

Distribution of top positions between the Shiite alliance components

This position is a first reaction within the Shiite alliance on the nomination of the political body of the coalition of state law last Wednesday to Deputy him and former Minister of Higher Education and leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, Ali al-Adeeb for president of the Coalition vacancy since the boss Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the Foreign Ministry portfolio in the current government of Haider al-Abadi, which was formed in (September) in September 2014.

According to this nomination at a time Hakim is looking forward to the post supported by Sadr led by Muqtada al-Sadr and other powers smaller, which insists on not assume any candidate from the invitation to the post of the party on the grounds that its leader Nuri al-Maliki won the position of vice president .. Add to assume its leaders presidency Governments Successive since 2005 and are respectively Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Nouri al-Maliki, Haider al-Abadi.

The official spokesman of the Supreme Council eloquent Abu Galal told Nscheraleom Commenting on the nomination of al-Adeeb, said that "the question of persons is not important for us, but what concerns us is the realization of the principle of balance within the component of the National Alliance of pillars main two coalition of state law and those with him on the one hand and INA across a corner and two major Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim and the Sadrists, led by Muqtada al-Sadr. "

He pointed out that "the National Alliance still up for grabs at this level because the issue is not about this or that personal as it is an institutional issue which calls for balance and harmony between its components as long as there's keenness by everyone on the survival of the National Alliance."

He stressed that "among agreed between the National Alliance, the components of the issues that, in the case of receipt of a party in the coalition as prime minister, which is a coalition of state law, the presidency of the National Alliance should be the National Coalition (the Supreme Council and the Sadrists) in case we want to work in a spirit of brotherhood and institutional inside National Alliance ".

In response, the State of Law coalition headed by al-Maliki confirmed that the candidate for the presidency of the Shiite alliance Ali al-Adeeb acceptable to the majority of components of the coalition with the exception of the Supreme Council, which has another candidate expressing his willingness replace it with another or resorting to elections to resolve the position in order to preserve the unity of the Alliance and to meet the challenges that beset the country.

A member of the coalition smile Hilali said that "the writer will be presented to the nomination were part of the coalition Kalohrar chest and the Supreme Council and virtue, and the tide of reform blocs" unexpected .. "does not approve of the Islamic Supreme Council of him because he has another candidate." She explained in a statement quoted by the agency "price range" that "choosing the head of the Alliance is long overdue and must resort to elections to settle the matter in order to avoid dispersion."

The political blocs within the Shiite alliance had approved in 21 of the last month, there are differences "deep" on the presidency of the Alliance, which looks to rewrite its rules of procedure in a way to make it "a solid institution" be able to meet the challenges and support the government the fact that the alliance constitutes the largest bloc in the Iraqi parliament by 179 deputies.